What Life Insurance Types Are Offered

There is a lot of information out there today, especially on social media, where everybody is advertising all types of cover, but you need to get the full inside information from experts first.
There are various different types of life cover, which vary significantly from one country to the next. However, the most common types of life cover available are as follows:


What Is Life Insurance Cover?

In simple terms, life cover is a long-term insurance policy that protects your family members and dependents from financial hardship, if the worst should happen. If you die (or you’re declared terminally ill with some policies), a death benefit is paid to the specified beneficiary or beneficiaries, in accordance with the agreed terms of the policy.
If you’ve been considering taking out life insurance cover, you probably have several important questions and concerns to address. We can tailor policies and premiums to suit; it’s important to know what you’re getting.